Sometimes you might find that whatever you have experienced is just too much and overwhelming to express in words. Or you might be stuck in life, not knowing which way to turn, despite weighing up the pros and cons. In moments like these, I would invite you to use a non-verbal form of communication and make sense of your experience through your imagination, creating an art object. 


In this way, we connect to our unconscious wisdom which can provide a focus for discussion, analysis and reflection. I am trained and registered both in Psychotherapy (talk therapy) and as a Creative Art Therapist. This means I can offer my clients - if they wish to do so -  the opportunity to use art materials such as watercolours, crayons, pastels, paper and clay as a way to deepen their thought processes and see things from a different perspective.


You don't need previous experience or skill in art as we are not concerned with making an aesthetic image.  Creating art is simply a form of symbolic speech which may serve as a substitute for words or as a stimulus leading to further insight. 



    Here are a few videos in case you want to find out more about how art can support your therapy: