If you are looking for therapy, it is likely that you feel that something needs to change. However, you might not be aware of what you are struggling with, aside from feeling stuck, lonely or desperate in a way that is having a profound effect on your life. Psychotherapy can help. By retelling and exploring our life events we gain a better understanding of how our present has been shaped by our past, and we can develop a more compassionate relationship with ourselves, and therefore also with others. 


How you might feel



Having sleep problems

Having panic attacks

Feeling tense and unable to relax

Having a persistence sense of dread and fearing the worst

Low mood and depression

Having difficulties with day-to-day parts of your life including holding down a job, looking after yourself and simply enjoying your leisure time

Feeling hopeless and despairing

Feeling guilty, worthless and down on yourself

The inner critic is sabotaging your life

Feeling isolated and unable to relate to other people

Angry and frustrated over minor things

No self-confidence and self-esteem

Finding it difficult to make decisions


You are not alone

I am here to help and support you through this difficult time. The therapy I offer, focuses on compassion, collaboration and understanding.  When you talk about your deepest thoughts and feelings with someone who is trained to help you to make sense of them, new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving can emerge.  Throughout our sessions, I will support you to become more conscious of the things that have held you back, identifying unwanted patterns and behaviours through a better understanding of their origins, building self-acceptance, self-nurture and confidence. And ultimately working towards more fulfilment in life, work and relationships.  


As a psychotherapist, I have been trained to actively listen and be there for you when telling your story is difficult or seems impossible. I provide a warm, caring, safe and confidential space where feelings such as sadness, anxiety, stress, grief and anger can be expressed and explored, leading to self-understanding and healing.  I believe each human being has the innate capacity to find what they need within themselves. We sometimes have simply forgotten to trust in our own inner guidance, and we feel lost in life.  Through the recognition of our feelings in a non-judgemental, therapeutic environment, we discover new perspectives and change can happen.  I facilitate this process by using a person-centred approach, letting you lead the way and meet you wherever you are, from human to human.  I am here to listen to your story of events, discover how things have unfolded for you, how you are feeling today and talk about the experiences that have led to it.